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We get pretty hyped when we get our hands on a rare crystal glass chandelier Venini. One of our customers purchased a large mid-century Venini for his home in Uptown. He recently informed us that he would be moving out of the neighborhood. The antique Venini is staying behind due to his new home’s lower ceilings. The first photo is a picture we took of the Venini after installing it the first time.

The Venini heritage remarks breathtaking luxury and high-quality glass design. Venini’s popularity emerged in 1921 by founders Paolo Venini, a lawyer, and Giacomo Cappellin, an antique dealer. Together they established Cappellin Venini & C. and hired many artistic directors, including painter Vittorio Zecchin and artistic influence Napoleone Martinuzzi, to oversee glass design. Venini produces a variety of elements and artistic trends while maintaining its high-manufactured status on Murano Island. Its Murano glass decorative accessories, chandeliers, and lighting make Venini true collectibles and the company launches two collections each year. Many famous architects, designers, and artists desire to work with Venini.

If you’re looking for a small Venini we have one in stock (bottom photo). Call us at 612.332.8344, e-mail us at sales@archantiques.com, or tweet us at @arch_antiques if you’re interested.

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